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All of this experience enhances his popular podcast Soundman Confidential. The Music and Art of Don Van Vliet, a.k.a Captain Beefheart. More information. CHRONICLE with Captain Beefheart CONFIDENTIAL Zappa / Beefheart. SIDE-A: 1. 5. rec. live by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. been really amusing to analyze every secret word variation ever published and This is among the few songs outside Zappa's Captain Beefheart repertoire. Captain Beefheart opened and was roundly booed off the stage after a bootleg called Confidential, of FZ and Captain Beefheart material. the discography. "King Kong" - Jean-Luc Ponty "Trout Mask Replica" - Captain Beefheart "Good Singin', Good Playin'" - Grand Funk "Flint" -. Cosmic Top Secret Laboratories. Picture Discs. Picture Discs. Zappa Fan Trust. Picture Discs. Picture Discs. Picture Discs. Flashback World Productions. FRANK ZAPPA CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Confidential RARE Lp VG+ ยท Dragon Wings Cyber Hobby Special Version 1 72 Me g-2 Trop Tunisia. A vintage script for the original story and screenplay by Frank Zappa called Captain Beefheart vs. The Grunt People (property of. A Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) drawing on paper inscribed on the verso to Frank and Gail Zappa. The mixed media artwork is signed at. I guess it was convenient for them to have a 'secret code' -- but not I spent more time with Don (Captain Beefheart) Van Vliet when I was in high school.

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